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artist information
name: Kimberly Stokely
date of birthday: februrary 18th, 1984
location: southern California
occupation: Storyboard artist, freelance artist and servant of the household cats.
aspirations/goals/field: visual development artist, comic book artist and world domination
graduated from: Art Center College of Design, 2008 BFA in Illustration with Honors.
weapons of choice: pen, pencil and paper. Photoshop, Painter on good days, MacBook Pro with an intuos3.

HEY! Why not download my resume! 8D

Other information:
color of choice: YELLOW
What I use to get me motivated and working: Netflix, iTunes, DVDs, and good old fashioned television in the background. Code Red Mountain Dew, a cat on my lap, one single little lamp, good conversation, the crisp night air, good sleep, good food and sometimes a nice little walk.
What I do besides drawing: Staring at walls, attempts at playing video games, sewing random things but I've also been generally cosplaying for the past Ten+ years as a hobby. I'm not terribly great at it but I enjoy it and its something to keep me out of trouble. I also enjoy going to Disneyland.

email: ninjadork[a]

commission information
Can be found here. This is more for personal work rather than commercial, for that please email me.

website information
established: 2000 or so. I've had a website since 1997 at least but this domain came a few years later.
name: chirigami means tissue paper or toilet paper in very obscure Japanese - a few native Japanese I've asked were unfamiliar with the word but I honestly adore it, I wanted something with paper in it and I thought it was cute. Please excuse my weeaboo days.
layout: Easily to be explained as, my brain. My brain is an undead hamster that likes to attack cities and go out for grains.
other websites? the main purpose I had for this space was to run character based websites on the domain, which was popular back in the day before wikipedia. The only one I've managed to maintain was insomniac. Soon my art took over, but this took me a few years to finally do... since I didn't like my art all too much xD
anything else? nope... if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask?

all images, characters, creations and whatnot are (c) Kimberly Stokely unless stated otherwise.
Please don't steal my brain, it's the only one I've got.