couldn't think of anything to put, so you get my profile here~

name: doragon
okay, real name: kimi
age: 21... no seriously
birthday: february 18, 1984
where: southern california
occupation: student at ACCD and lifeguard at Citrus College
favorite colors: yellow, silver and black
likes: manga, anime, art, drawing, gaara, music, panda, dragons, weird things, being a tad bit not right in the head, open minded people, freedom, gnawing on things, haro, shiny things, nachoes, rice, code red mountain dew
dislikes: dumbasses, sasuke, closed minded gits, mean people, sushi, a lot of things actually....
personality: a tad weird, a bit shy, sometimes depressed, but thats pretty much life and how people usually are. Though stress usually comes, usually mellow and manages to remain calm.... sometimes.
favorite manga: naruto, bleach, chrno crusade, hagane no rekinjutsushi, tsubasa, xxxholic, bakuretsu hunters, cardcaptor sakura, trinity blood
favorite anime: the gundam series, naruto, hagane no renkinjutsushi, soukyou no fafner, slayers, trinity blood
music: no doubt, fleetwood mac, 80's music, U2, asian kung-fu generation, luna sea
books:lord of the rings, some starwars books, good omens, hitchhikers guide the the universe, harry potter
movies: spaceballs, robin hood men in tights, original trilogy of star wars, lord of the rings, kiki's delivery service, monty python (holy grail, meaning of life, life of brian)
video games: final fantasy vii, kingdom hearts, chrono cross, every zelda game known to mankind

.. I better stop, because I keep thinking of other catergories @_@


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