name: chirigami
age: though having the appearance of a 20-something human female, chirigami is actually about five-six years old.
species: a storage bin that her realm created 'cause it couldn't defy some laws of physics; but basically humanoid.
height: short, like 5'3
eyes and hair: bright red || eyes cat-like; hair currently long
abilities: ability to control chaos though only within her realm, can summon varies small weapons when needed, taijutsu and 'ninja like techniques,' can at times control sand with the aid of a Gaara plush toy, walk between realms and basic teleportation.
personality: some would say she's a tad bit crazy and others would just explain she's just stupid, which are both rather true to an extent. It's surprising at times of what she actually does know and to what length, but most of the time she will prove to be the fool. Though, naive and lacking in the know, she is rather friendly, that is if you prove to be non-threatening as she is incredibly paranoid.

background: As the tale of Mugendai once read . . . this story does not begin with “once upon a time”, for this is a story of a place where time itself has no precedence. So this story begins, long ago in a realm not unlike our own but similar in many ways. This realm, as many others, was a living void but it was sentient in its own indefinable way. Most realms hold immense power, able to do as they will with it; many burst it's power to let it do as it will or others create other beings of power to teach and love, this realm felt it didn't have to do anything and just sat there for a long time. Now, as some things that just sit there for a long time go, it soon began struggled through the eons of time trying to contain the chaos that it held within. After so long, it basically gave up, not able to control it any longer and created a being - or in any case, a big black blob - in hopes for it to carry the burden instead. Somehow managing to contain the power, it lived for years in a lonely bleak blackness of the realm; it's creator.
The being never learned from it as other children from other realms did, but finally finding something useful from the realm, the being managed to escape the blackness and found herself in a world greatly different than her own. It held worlds and reactions and events that brought the being to awe but then confusion as it found herself in a place that it could not understand. It appeared upon an island on Earth, looking much like volcanic rock - and fitting in very well where it landed - until it managed to shapeshift thanks to some young adults passing by while the blob was observing [ in a much "oh hey, those things look interesting.." sort of way... but didn't totally get it right ]. It, now a she, was soon found by a local until then found by a more capable friend of the local. With the help of a young man and his father, she soon learned things that her realm neglected to teach her; she learned to fight, to speak, to read and basically what beings of that world would do. As she managed to calm down the chaos within herself, she managed to gain a cheerful nature and the strange notion that she was a ninja (mainly from watching a wee bit too much anime).
As the few years passed, she felt her time was up and she could no longer do much else and decided it was time to find home - though, this is what she claims was the reason, to which there is some truth to the lie there is more to her departure of Earth. Finding the ability to walk the realms again, she said her goodbyes and attempted to go home again ... but as luck would have it, it wasn't her own but another realm known as Gaia. It housed a world similar to the one she had previously been in, but this one held magic as a law and many beings unlike herself, many from similar pasts and many within them. She, as before, grew curious and attempted to make her peace here and managed to find some faces to later be called friends. chirigami, as she found her name from the previous world, grew loving of the world of Gaia but still remained home sick of her realm. She talked to other walkers of realms and later managed to find her way back, but Gaia still held a place for her. Finding the ability to go back and forth, she well.. went back and forth and continued her journeys of the strange world.
unfortunately, she never managed to find Earth ever again.

[some day... I shall rewrite this x_X;]

random tidbits:
. finally finding her way home, chirigami began to develop her realm as an actual place to live and even deeming it a name: Wherever'thisis, because she wasn't exactly sure where it was is and... what it is. As chiri's story progresses, she soon meets Taiyou Doragon who manages to explain things to chiri about the realms and about herself and things to come.
. as chiri is chaos, the realm itself will be order .. as there must be a balance between the two. If things shift with chiri, things shift with Wherever'thisis.
. chiri's physology is nothing like a human's. For one thing, she has no bones and all her insides are black, as well as her blood. She was once a black irridecent blob after all and that remained even if her skin is nicely tanned and hair is very red [ she basically just stole the look off a few nice people she watched after all.. no not like invasion of the body snatchers, but liked how they looked and shapeshifted into it. They had tans, so she adopted it and one had bright red dyed hair and.. wow, that looked neat. No idea where the red eyes came from though ] Her basic make up does mimic a human's very well, however, and the blask squishiness acts like muscle and bones. She really has no organs, and her body mimics a heartbeat - she noticed she didn't make a nice ticking sound so made her body do so.. and sometimes it's totally off. She originally didn't have to eat either, but because she loved food so much, her body grew accustomed to the idea of digestion. Her blood isn't yummy to vampires, they've tried... it taste's nasty to them since it has nothing that human blood has. chiri can't have children since she wasn't think about procreation when she shapeshifted - should also be noted that chirigami can't shapeshift anymore, it was a one time deal.. as well as all her cool obsorbing knowledge powers.