illustrations, examples of these techniques coming soon

suna no tate (one on the left)
Basic translation : shield of sand. This is Gaara's powerful defense system. It seems quicker than his mind, and automatic and is.. of sand. It's basically the sand from his gourd surrounding him, or creating a wall of protection when something is about to strike Gaara, it can be from anywhere and it will block. Its his uber defense, and nothing really gets past it. It's always used, you really never see it not used. Also, Gaara took this to the next step against Sasuke for the first time. He took it further, and made a dome around himself... and had a floating sand eye above watching for Sasuke. This form was hit hard by Sasuke's lightening attack thing... and gave us the chance to see the demon within ^.-

suna no yoroi (one on the right)
basic translation : armor of sand. now, if something *actually* gets past the auto defense sand shield, Gaara's sand also created a protective layer all over his body. It's created a sort of armor around his body that disallows him to get any scratches on his actual body. It something does hit him, it just solidifies once more like nothing happened. You first see it get used during the fight with Rock Lee because he *gasp* actually gets past the shield. It also apparently takes up a lot of Chakra.

subaku kyuu
translation : desert graveyard. So, besides just defenses, Gaara actually does have offense power. This doesn't seem to be a jutsu, more of a use of mind and.. sand. But apparently it is... anyway, he uses his lovely sand to pretty much surround his victim and bury him in the sand. He can either have it smother them, laugh at them and all or use the next one. First seen used on the Rain-nin, poor suckers, then on Rock Lee.

subaku sousou
translation : desert coffin. Continuing from the subakuchuu, he uses the sand to crush his opponent, and it doesn't have to be the whole body but can take bits off. Also first seen on the Rain-nin, then also on Rock Lee, but mainly just his arm... until Gai shows up...

suna bushin
Basic Translation : sand clone. Like the Kage Bushin no Jutsu, but with.. sand. He basically just created copies of himself of equal power with his sand to attack. Is Gaara just lazy? no.. he on;y uses this like once but it does prove useful until Sasuke beats them all ~.~;

fuuton mugen sajin dai toppa
translation : fuuton infinite sand cloud penetration. Used in his almost-transformed form, the demon in him, as well as a bunch of other mouths from the sand, inhale a lot of air then exhales a lot and releases a lot of wind to knock his opponent down and out. This is used on Naruto's kage bushin no jutsu in the forest.

shunshin no jutsu
basically just a, kinda teleportation justu. Gaara uses the sand to move him... really fast *really, can't think of a way to describe it*

takuki neiri no jutsu
basic translation : badger/raccoon sleep technique. Wow, something without sand. Because the demon is more powerful when Gaara is asleep, Gaara uses this to put himself to sleep to let Shukaku gain full control and kill Naruto and everyone else. Naruto and Gama-sama henge into a giant kitsune to counter, with Naruto then punching Gaara in the face [okiyagare...!]

fuuton renkuudan
translation : fuuton steroid blanks. a technique under the fake sleep jutsu and shukaku influence. shukaku/gaara seems to also inhale a lot of air.. then hits his stomach to release a HUGE ball of hair/wind/whatnot at the target. gama-sama counters with water volleys... its amusing.

daisan no me
*direct translation coming soon* The sand eye thing. Gaara basically creates a third eye out of sand to spy from a great distance. This eye can go anywhere. He covers one eye with a seal, creates an eye in his hand and another near the target. He uses this to cheat on the first test of the chuunin exam and also to spy on sasuke and kakashi before the third test.

sunashu riken
*translation coming soon* An attack Gaara uses in near totally transformed form. He wraps his arms around his head then unfurls them to release balls of sand (or wind.. could be wind... he has a lot of things with wind) in sharp.. needle.. ball things.

suna shigure
translation: sand drizzle. Basically, Gaara just makes the sand rain down on someone in large clumps. Gaara just used it as a distraction against Kimimaro.

ryuusa bakuryu
translations: quicksand *something*. This one is pretty damn cool actually. Gaara calls forth a LOT of sand and it does this avalanche affect and just pummels the enemy in a big pit of sand. He took out a large clearing and bits of forest with this one.

sabaku taisou
translation: desert imperial funeral. A step up from just a desert coffin and graveyard. Using Ryuusa Bakuryu, he places his hands the sand it, to my assumption, squishes the person underneath the devastation.

saikou zettai bougyo shuukaku no tate
trsanlation: supreme absolute defense, shield of shuukaku. I have to say, I love this thing, it's so lame looking [xD]. It's Gaara's supreme defense thing, the demon tanuki himself, well a matter of speaking. It's totally solid and in the shape of Shuukaku, bloated and everything, wearing a hat.

basic translation : complete [form]. Not really a technique, per say... but something. After Naruto's massive kagebushin attack [naruto nisenrendan no maki, hehe ^_^;] Shukaku appears in its true and massive tanuki-ness, towering over the trees, and causing more shock upon everyone's faces.

his mother. Mother dearest is a driving force for Gaara, she tells him what to do and wants him to feed with nice clean blood. He converses with her during his fight with Sasuke in the Chuunin exam, assuring her that he will kill Sasuke and give him to her. I wonder if Shuukaku and kaa-san plot things or if they argue what to do with Gaara-dearest.. hm...

Okay... not really a technique.. but something that Gaara uses. Like Naruto, a demon inside him with unlimited amounts of Chakra, he looks like a Tanuki, a raccoon, and is really evil. But, unlike Naruto who has a seal over the kyuubi and access to the chakra. Gaara is possessed by the demon and loses control if he sleeps (so, he doesn't)... And he apparently likes the taste of blood on full moons. You first kinda see him when he kills Dosu... then really see him in the fight against Naruto.

as a whole explanation, as we're finally given on in chapter 217. Besides just being able to control the sand and use it to his will, Gaara is also able to collect the strongest minerals from underground. Using his chakra, he's able to then pressurize them into dense sand for his use. Still not sure if it actually his ability or Shuukaku's, since he makes reference to Bloodline abilities while talking to Kimimaro.

nameless sand abilities
-make walls
-make sandpits and quicksand things
-fling the sand
-make little balloons of sand to sit on
-make a gourd
-make the sand look like Shuukaku's claws [ it's cool! ]
-make domes around himself and make them float
-probably more...

- that's it for now... I'm pretty sure there are more, some I missed ~.~;