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mistress : doragon
more about me? : read the livejournal
location//host : chirigamiNET
site d.o.b : august 11, 2002
total visitors : dunno, haven't had a counter on this site
awards : site of the week at the NLA // May 17-May 31
origin of name : first, it was just called [gaara] because I couldn't think of a name for the site... then a few weeks later, the Naruto/Gaara fight took place in Shounen JUMP and Gamabunta explained to Naruto that Gaara was an insomniac, and viola! the name of this website.
why the hell, Gaara? : I can honestly say, I didn't like him much when he first appeared in the manga. He wasn't seen much, but then he started to play a major role and was in many incredible battles and my liking began to grow. Then his past was introduced, and I totally fell in love with him. He was a character that desperatly needed a hug, and I wanted to give it to him. And besides, he's a homicidal psychopath .. and I tend to like them out of all the characters in any series [krad, anyone?] But why the website, sure.. I attempted to make many character shrines before but never any like this. I'm usually rather bad and neglectful and usually five already exist before mine is up. But, for once, I was the first and I wanted to proclaim my love in the best way I can... by explaining everything I knew of him and getting everything out to others, for them to appreciate Gaara the way I do ^_^ I love my Gaara-chan, and I hope others at least dig him out of the list of 'hated' characters because of my site.
weird things just to prove I love him : someday I will own that cardboard cutout that they have in display in Japan.. either bribe or stealing, I will!
anything else? : ... if I had to pair Gaara up with anyone, it'd have to be Naruto. GaaraxNaruto forever! xD
*that is all*