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arc one Has something in common with him, has a demon! whoo, demon power. But unlike Naruto who found someone to acknowledge and care about him, Gaara found the path of mistreatment and loathing. They are similar but opposite, each choosing different paths to live with their demons. He and Naruto also fought in the forest as Ochi-sama tried to destroy Konoha, but Naruto ultimately beat Gaara, not killed... showing him that caring was something powerful... oh the sappiness. He also now feels kind of indebted to Naruto for showing him the importance of people. Again, oh the sap!
arc two Continuing the influences that Naruto seemed to have upon the sand shinobi, Gaara actually decided to strive to be more like his blonde counterpart and become Kazekage of the village. This way, he could protect those important to him, and make up for everything he's done in the past and to take a new different turn in the future. Now, with Gaara kidnapped, Naruto vows to save the other demon vessal and make sure he never feels lonliness every again.

Gaara really wanted to fight him, but I think just because of Ochi-sama's plans and all. But, to my knowledge they were just supposed to fight, but then Gaara strayed from the plans and wanted to kill him like anyone else. After the snakes appeared and the three sand-nin fled to the forest, Gaara faced Sasuke again, but Sasuke was no match for Gaara.. and Sasuke had to be saved by Naruto.

arc oneI think that Sakura reminds Gaara of Yashumaru and also his mother, a bit. Her strong will to protect Sasuke kind of hit him a bit hard as he went in for the kill. But, he pretty much got over that flash quickly and pinned her to a tree. Heh, she got her ass whooped by his sand.
arc two along with Naruto and Kakashi, she is sent off to go on the rescue mission of Gaara.

arc one Gaara and Kankuro's older sister, she's 15. To me, I think shes the only one that really cares about her younger brother.. she worries about him when he fights especially when he fought Naruto in the wood. She's also confident in his abilities as well at the same time. So she was worried about Shukaku coming out.. if you knew about him, wouldn't you? She cares enough to get him after his fight with Naruto and carry him home.. even after being knocked into a tree by him.
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arc one Gaara's older brother, he's 14. He got put in his place by Gaara after the death of the Rain-nin, it was rather interesting who control this family. He knows everything about his brother and is even willing to spout it all to Naruto-kun.. hmm, plotting? I got suspicious. He forfited the chuunin final round, and fought Shino in the woods.. but got beat by the bugs. But he actually lived at the end, and carried off his brother at the end.
arc two Kankuro was the one that Gaara spoke to after their dealings with the Sasuke rescue mission, telling him how he now decided to strive to be like Naruto and become Kazekage to protect important people. Kankuro is injured badly and poisoned after his attempts of thwarting his brother's kidnappers but is thankfully saved by Sakura and then makes Naruto promise to bring Gaara back. It seems he and his sister have plans on joining in on the rescue mission.

rock lee
Gaara faced him in the third round prelims, where Kankuro spouted everything to Naruto. You learned most everything about Gaara's techniques with this fight. Through some parts, it looked like Lee-kun was winning, but Gaara was always a step ahead with his sand and royally kicked his ass to the point he will supposedly never fight again. He later saves Lee during the his fight with Kimimaro, actually saves him a bunch of times and also trips him with sand. After the battle, Gaara explains to Lee how Kimimaro was similar to Naruto and his views on precious people.

Gaara was impressed with his power during the prelims, and seemed to have wanted to fight him. But Naruto got to him first and I think Gaara's interest shifted to Naruto after his win.

Okay, Gaara never faced her... but Temari did and.. Temari royally kicked her ass.. xD

Okay, again. But she was told to forfeit the prelims because of Gaara-chan >3.

yondaime kazekage
Gaara's father, eeeevil person in my eyes for putting Gaara through what he was put through. In chapter 140, its revealed that Ochi-sama killed Kazekage, Kabuto was impersonating him while in the village. During the Chuunin exam, he was impersonated by Ochi-sama.

Also, didn't face him. But Kankuro did... and got beaten by the bugs.

Didn't face him either... but I think threatened him.. and glared at him... and fun stuff like that.

I call him Ochi-sama for some reason, don't mind me. Uh, hired the Sand to start a war, which leads to Gaara. yeah. Gaara's village has now joined forces with Konoha to defeat Orochimaru.

Gaara, Temari and Kankuro's sensei.... thats pretty much it. He also keeps getting worried when Gaara said he 'talked' to someone, "eee, you didn't kill them did you?"

gaara's uncle who was twin to gaara's mother. It really looked like he cared for Gaara, hoping to raise him as his sister couldn't. But unfortunatly, he held bitterness towards his nephew for taking his sister away, and performed an attempted assassination. He was the reason Gaara went on the path he did, and also blew himself up.

Though joining late in the battle, Gaara faced off with the Oto-nin after saving Rock Lee. Kimimaro seemed an even match with our sand user, as his bones were an ultimate offense to Gaara's defence. He even seemed to have the upperhand at times, being able to push the sand back and such. But in the end, and after Kimimaro went to level two, the poor oto-nin died because of his weak condition.

Deidara and Sanri
two Akatsuki memebers who were sent out to retrieve Gaara for the biyuu his possessed. Deidara was the one to actually get him, however, with a clever trick of his clay and a mix of Gaara's own sand. The former Stone-nin now has Gaara in what.. honestly looks like a clay chocobo.

An elder of Sunagakure, it is revealed in chapter 262 that she was actually the one to possess Gaara with Shuukaku and now she feels really bad about it, though her intentions weren't so bad ... kind of.

people gaara has killed
Dosu; that sound-nin
rain people : baiu, sigure and midare
his mother
many many assassins
two people trying to get him to lose the fight
Kimimaro [kinda]
many many more in his way