merchandise! There's actual Gaara merchandise

the gaara//naruto dinner set : I'm thinking its one of those prizes they have in shounen jump, I haven't seen it retailed... but damn, its nice. Its a dinner set with Naruto (in Red) and Gaara (in Blue)... damn, I want Gaara chopsticks ;___;!

new set of capsules : which includes one with Gaara. Kiyaaaa, he looks so spiffy! I want one *____*

gaara keychain : a Gaara keychain, with an added "earth" scroll. I'll get a better picture of it later... tanuki bag not included *that'd be mine*

gaara phonestrap : a gaara phone strap, which includes a Sasuke figure as well *gag* .. he attaches to a scroll that attaches to your phone.

gaara zippertag : a rather nice and simple zipper tag, which can be obtained by random in small boxes. There are 10 in all, of different Naruto characters, I spent like.. 8 bucks to finally get him xD

gaara plushi : please excuse the picture, though its right ... I'll find the unedited one soon. But yes, they have now made a Gaara plushi, its one of the smaller ones but still adorable and very detailed. The eyes and the kanji are both sewn into his head and he even has a cute little gourd on his back. Its a must for all Gaa-chan fans

other merchandise I know of, with pictures coming soon : another keychain, him with something that I believe might be Shukaku's teakettle. Another phone strap, with him attached to a sandguard thing. three pencil boards. a soft figure. a rather large, beautiful looking figure. a figure of him doing subaku kyuu ala this. a figure of him when he first appears, standing upside down on a tree branch. There are also his playing cards in the Japanese Naruto card game, as well as him being a playable characte in the new PS2 Naruto game. I have also found some cute little circle stickers of different characters of Naruto, Gaara was included in the set *Yondi was too!!* and I will take a picture of those soon.

new stuff I need to take pictures of: a new keychain, a geshoupan, a pencil board that has him and Naruto together *chu*, the video game and I think some other random things.