very simply put. I see Gaara sadly dieing. I don't see any revelations that his life isn't just killing.. I mean he's like transformed into a huge Tanuki. But, I do see Temari trying to save her little brother.. I dunno, I just do.. she seems like she actually cares about him e.e;

*cough* nevermind... we'll really have to wait and see. There have been theories that "Dawn" or Ochi's group will be after him as they are with Naruto, trying to gain control of the demons... who knooows, only Kishimoto-sama. But.. I'm sure he'll be back :D

I'm just hoping he won't come back.. wearing like a monk robe, shaved head and offering Naruto a plate of raddishes and a blender, hoping for him to now call him "fufinono" ala Rocko's Modern Life. That'd just be bad, horrible.. and I'd cry.

He came back! Still kicking ass but now having learned a life lesson! whoot! \o_o/ I'm now hoping he'll stick around, maybe he'll still ask Naruto about seals for Shuukaku and also maybe something involving Akatsuki~