after reading various fanfics and whatnot, and seeing many misinformation... I thought of putting this section up to clear things up to some people. Sure, it might not be right, as Kishimoto-sama is the only one that truly knows his characters, but being a humble obsessed person... well that might explain it right there, I look into these things. anywho.

gourd : aa, yes. The gourd. Majority of the people, who have read the manga through will already know, that the gourd is completely made out of sand. The exterior seen is sand, the contents and.. maybe even the cork (though, I don't think it is). The gourd is a mixture of sand and the remains of those that Gaara has killed, which allows him to control it a bit better. Now the misconception that I find a lot... is that he always has his gourd, even when in the Sand village. Let me just say, no. He brought, and created the gourd, just to transport his sand from the Sand village to Konoha for the Chuunin exam/War. His village is covered in sand that he can summon up to protect him or attack, its everywhere... he doesn't need the gourd on him in order to have sand. He needs it in Konoha, a village that doesn't have his special sand... as it does have sand... but it's more dirt than anything else. He can't control that dirt, he needs his sand, so what does he do? Brings it along, convenient. Evidence to this, is when being told of their mission, in a Baki flashback... Gaara is seen without his gourd leaning against a wall *because he doesn't need it in his village* ... and also when he was a kid... he didn't have it. And, something else... he flees after the fight with Naruto... without his gourd. So, now Konoha has some special spiffy Gaara sand mix in their forest. There's really no other way to put it, I think I've repeated myself enough.

shukaku : nothing really here, just wanted to explain the whole Shukaku/Gaara thing a bit better. Okay, so we know Naruto also possesses a demon, but in a different way. He has a seal upon him, so that the Kyuubi can't escape or possess him, but also so that Naruto call pull his Chakra out and heal himself as well. Gaara, is pretty much the opposite. He doesn't have a seal upon himself and can easily be possessed by Shukaku... if he sleeps. So, to solve the problem, he doesn't sleep at all. How he has actually lived without sleep, one could only guess, as the body needs sleep, but its not real, its a manga.. so he just doesn't. Now, at the end of the battle, Gaara like passes out, but he's only able to because he and Naruto have wasted a lot of Chakra that Shukaku can't do anything. So, what will happen? I'm thinking, and hoping, Gaara will come back and ask for someone to seal him up, like Naruto.

okay. Well, that's all I can really think up for now. If anything else comes to mind, or if anyone emails me a question.. it'll most likely be posted here.