please remember : don't steal these peoples' art. That's just rude *and... I'll hunt you down*

gaara with a pencil
.. glaring at you
glaring at a different angle

first fanart recieved! ^______^!

beautiful art from Wolfy-chan *_*

awesome awesome!

"what is... pain?"
a small yaoi sasuke and gaara comic
naruto as a fox with gaara and sasuke as bunnies
[she sent me another piece, but I can't get it to open
in any of my paint programs, I'll see what I can do.... ]

sonic plasmaforce
he has such a lovely glare
sand castle ~ !!
one of those just "wow" pictures
Gaara's head, done in paint
Gaara's head, again, different paint style

Gaara with Lewis the Hare [Lewis = MH's chara]
an older looking Gaara

my art
Gaara.. in the sand... with skull-kun
a blatent rip off... but it turned out interesting
young gaara with a racoon doll
demon boys
signs I'm just pathetic : powerpuff gaara
great thing about this being my site : you get to see my crappy doodles
and another crappy doodle
chibi naruto and the wonder that is stick gaara