chuunin exam

these are basic summaries of Gaara's participation during the exams.
warning: this is really really long. I advise you to take breaks or something while reading this.. unless you can stand it. I got a headache from writing it x.o

part one
The first part of the Chuunin Exam wasn't very special, Gaara wise. You get to see one of his abilities as well as his brother's. This part is more on Naruto, as he can't answer the questions, nor realizes he has to cheat. But, Gaara realizes he does and demonstrates his "sand eye" for the first time. Its amusing to see the first person to suffer, haha.. sand in his eyes. But, one thing. Gaara isn't too discrete, as Ibiki notices him cheat and watches him, but, heh, Gaara doesn't care.

part two
This is maybe my favorite part of the manga... its a first glimpse of Gaara's power, as well as his authority over his siblings. Their section of the exam occurs even before Ochi-sama finds team 7. Anko and her anbu get called in, and she is shown a tape. 97 minutes into the exam, the team from the hidden sand have finished the whole second exam, and not only that but they haven't a scratch nor speck of dirt on them. Everyone is amazed, even the anbu... who want to learn of the reason.
Flashback, and you see Hinata's team (I forget their number) rushing through the trees. Hinata uses her ability as Shino listens and they notice Gaara standing, as well as 5 others. They go to investigate, hiding behind a bush and come upon the beginning of the battle. It seems that the Sand Nin have challenged the Rain team head on, to basically get the others' scroll. Kankuro suggests asking them which scroll they have, and if they have it, but Gaara doesn't care and then adds that "anyone who meets my eyes... must die." This pisses the Rain nin off, who set their umbrellas to unleash an attack of rain needles upon Gaara; who just stands there. They think they got him, but the smoke clears to show Gaara unfazed and a wall of sand around him, with the needles sticking out. He asks if that was all they had to them, which pisses the rain off more to release another volley of needles. Kankuro thinks to himself about the misfortune the Rain nin got themselves into, and Gaara comments that he will make it rain blood.
Kiba, from the bushes, notes that the smell of the sand is a strong odor of blood, which makes their team more uneasy. Back to the battle, Kankuro explains to the rain that Gaara has a total defense of Sand and that nothing can penetrate it. The Head Rain nin guy person runs at Gaara, even more pissed off, and Kankuro smirks commenting "he's dead" as Gaara raises his hand and uses his Desert Coffin on the guy. Temari finally speaks, explaining that Gaara controls the sand with his will... as Gaara picks up one of the Rain's umbrellas; and the leaf nin looking on in horror. Gaara smirks, and squeezes his hand.. crushing the rain nin in the "desert graveyard" and thus.. it rains blood. He then repeats it on the other two members of the rain team, and the rain team is... well dead now. And lucky for the sand team, they had the scroll they were missing.
Kankuro says they should go, but Gaara tells him to shut up, and that he hasn't had enough yet. The sibling quarrel continues as Kankuro pleads with Gaara for them to go, that they have the scroll and they can leave. Gaara still doesn't listen, and Kankuro asks again adding "why don't you listen to your big brother?" Gaara responds, saying that he never once considered them his siblings and that if they get in his way, he'd kill them. He looks as if he's about to attack the leaf nin in the bushes, but Temari then asks for him to stop ("listen to your sister, kay?"), and he actually complies to her wishes and retrieves his cork (which was actually near the leaf genin).

part three prelims
Well, since there were too many people for the third event, they held prelims to narrow down the numbers. Gaara's opponent for his prelim match is Rock Lee, resident Sakura lover and huge eye browed man. They're battle is the seventh one to take place, I believe, both after Temari's and Kankaro's. This is also the area where Kankuro explains everything about his younger brother, which... leads me to believe that Kankuro wants his brother defeated.... really badly.
It starts after Neji's and Hinata's fight, Gaara realizing the potential from Neji but then realizing his battle it up. He like... teleports to the ground and demands Lee to quickly get to the lower level. Everyone, of course, it cheering on Lee, his siblings watch on... Gaara starts, pretty much, with tossing his cork at Lee.. Lee then really starting as he rushes at Gaara to attack. But, to his dismay, nothing connects and Gaara's sand shield blocks every attack. Lee then turns to Gai, asking his permission about taking off the weights around his legs. Gai gives the okay, and the weights are strapped off.. they land to the floor with a big cloud of smoke and bang, everyone surprised... well except Gaara. Lee then starts up his attack again, this time with amazing speed. Each punch and kick almost breaks through the sand, but still not in time... until actually.. ones does connect.. surprising everyone, especially Gaara. Sure, he's only scratched Gaara, but he continues his assult and connects a punch, sending Gaara back a bit. But, haha, the sand begins to surround Gaara as some sand begins to fall off his face... it is revealed that Lee had only encountered Gaara's second defense.... the sand armor. Kankuro explains that Gaara has two defenses, first the sand shield and then the sand armor, that if something actually gets through the shield.. they're only hitting the armor.. and it can reshape itself to contour to Gaara's body once again, which it does.
Lee, in sort of desperation, attempts his Lotus attack... which everyone believes worked... but, it didn't. It leaves an empty shell of Gaara's body and sand spread across the stadium... then from behind Lee... Gaara rises from the sand and performs the Doryoku no Tensai.. which sends Lee flying into a nearby wall. Gaara sends another assault of sand at Lee, but the leaf genin manages to block most of it... and then flashbacks. Another attack, but Lee dodges, ready for his attacks to commence once more. Gai then instructs for Lee to use his forbidden justu, the 8 gates, which surprises everyone that he actually knows how to open them and then that Lee could die from doing so.
Being as told, Lee starts to open the gates and gets to the forth one.. and then really actually starts to hit Gaara. It is rather impressive, so much smoke and power and it really looks like its doing a number on Gaara. Gaara looks so shocked through the whole thing, and Lee then sets up for a different version of the Lotus. Though it looks like it worked, Gaara's guard begins to separate revealing that it is actually made completely of sand. On the ground, Gaara manages to Desert Coffin one of Lee's arm and commences with the Graveyard. He squeezes Lee's arm and sets another group of sand to smother the leaf but its then blocked by Gai, saying that the battle is over. Gaara, upon seeing Gai's compassion towards Lee, starts to have flashbacks and trauma in his head... He turns to go, his victory proclaimed.. but Lee still wants to fight. Gai insists he doesn't and says he won in his eyes, and that he was oh so brave... Gaara watches them glaring, like more than usual. Lee is carried off, and its said that the damage to his body might prevent him from fighting ever again. Neji looks on at Gaara, as he returns to his siblings with an "okaeri" from Temari.

the inbetween
there is actually important stuff going on here. First, we see a flashback on The three Sand genin receiving their mission concerning the Chuunin exam, and how Gaara will be a key player... haha, start a war please.
The Next occurs after Naruto was dropped off at the hospital by Gama-sama, and then visited by Shikamaru. You see Lee's room, the flower Sakura left him... and then the door opening, surprise! Its Gaara, there to finish the job. He stands over Lee's bed, the sand beginning to drift from the gourd... but Gaara hesitates, remembering Gai's actions and they begin to affect him once more. He then suddenly realizes that he can't move, and then in comes Naruto with a punch. Shikamaru used his body control ability on Gaara, allowing Naruto to get the hit but also hit his friend as well. They demand an explanation and Gaara bluntly replies he was going to kill Lee, something that he was stopped from doing. Naruto calls him a bastard and demands a fight, but Gaara says he would be no match.. as Gaara has a demon within him. Naruto then retorts that he does as well, and Shikamaru tells him to shut up. Gaara gives the "...." response but then proceeds in telling them that he was born of a woman he would have been called mother, and that she died as he was possessed with Shuukaku. The two leaf are stunned at learning this, especially Naruto who realizes that the two boys are similar; as they are both vessels for a horrible monster. Gaara then continues to explain how he was spoiled growing up, how his father is the Kazekage and that there had been many assassination attempts, most arranged by his own father. He also explains how he was created as a tool, one to kill and ... and that's what he will do, kill those around him. He had questioned his existence before, and this is what he concluded. This deeply affects Naruto, they are so similar yet followed the opposite paths... Gaara grew up with no love and it ate him alive, made him grow up with bitterness and a thirst for blood and revenge. Gaara takes a step towards him, intent on attacking them... but Gai shows up and stops him.. again sending Gaara through a spasm. He exists the room, saying how he will definitely kill them.
The third important part, is actually shorter and a bit easier to explain. Its basically how Gaara was spying on Sasuke during his training with Kakashi. He said he wanted to see Sasuke's abilities, fight him and then wanted to kill him.

part three
This is actually a rather short battle... as it get disrupted by the oncoming war that is started by Orochimaru. As the battle between Gaara and Sasuke is delayed two times and more waiting, Sasuke finally makes his *flashy* entrance of leaves and yadda. There is a bit of talking, mainly between Naruto and Sasuke... and Lee angst and then the fight is to commence. The Ref calls for Gaara, who actually looks eager. Kankuro looks over at him, and realizes something and then starts to remind Gaara of the plan but Temari quickly stops him "don't say anything to Gaara right now" as she notices his change in mood. Gaara grins, stating someone will be killed *not sure if its to Kankuro or about Sasuke* and he walks down to the area. Two leaf genin stop him along his way and ask him to lose the fight so they could make some money. Bah! These two people are killed, haha, as Naruto and Shikamaru are walking up the steps. Shikamaru comments, after their mini heart attack, that he had never seen a guy kill in such little hesitation.. and that Sasuke might be in trouble... but.. the fight is about to begin.
The fight begins and Gaara's sand begins to spill out of his gourd, Gaara grabs his head in pain and tells *mother* not to be so angry, that he will give her some better tasting blood this time, as opposed to the two nasty guys before. Sasuke looks incredibly confused at this... conversation, while Kankuro and Temari are a bit worried at how they've begun to converse and that its actually never happened before. Another spasm occurs, and it seems that the moment has passed... as Gaara then calls for Sasuke. Sasuke throws a star, but of course the sand stops them and transforms into a bushin type thing... and Sasuke goes after it. The clone is easily defeated by Sasuke, who moves onto Gaara. He pulls a Lee and quickly moves to the back, Gaara also makes the comparison and is sent backwards by Sasuke's punch. Sasuke then rather mocks Gaara, and disses the armor of sand... and then beckons him along.
Sasuke's attacks keep going and keep connecting, Gaara isn't actually doing anything in his defense; he keeps getting tossed around and Sasuke doesn't look pleased with it all. All sides keep watching, comparing Sasuke's movements to Lee's when he and Gaara fought. Kankuro also looks on, wondering what his brother will do, as the sand armor uses a lot of chakra, Temari looks up at the Kazekage. While the two genin fight, Kakashi explains that he had Sasuke train only in Taijustu, specifically Lee's and Lee thinks to himself that it isn't enough; as Gai does as well and voices his concern. Naruto, also concerned, comes to the conclusion that the has to stop the fight because of the danger Gaara brings. During this, Gaara has enclosed himself in a giant dome of sand, much to Kankuro's dismay ("not that justu! He forgot the plan!") Sasuke goes in for the punch, but stopped by a solid wall, his hand even starts to bleed, and he looks shocked. Naruto finally gets to Kakashi and begs him to stop the fight, that Gaara will definitely kill Sasuke... during this, Gaara is working at a Jutsu, and Temari voices her "oh no, its that Jutsu" this time. Kakashi smiles to Naruto and reminds him that they were late, but not for nothing.
Sasuke keeps trying physcial attacks upon the dome, not to mention there's a floating eye above him, and Kakashi explains that he taught Sauske a technique that might help. Sasuke jumps back to a nearby wall and charges chakra to finally release his new tecnique, the Raikiri (or is it the Chidori? I forget).. anywho.. lightening, yes.. there we go. With amazing speed, Sasuke rushes at the dome with the attack in hand *haha x.X;* Whilst this is going on, the running and the lightening attack, Gaara is having yet another conversation with mother and assures her that things will go well.. and that Sasuke will die. The eye watches further as Sasuke progresses, and anbu attacks someone, and Sasuke, with his attack, manages to get his arm through the dome... shocking everyone. Something pulses through the dome, and Sasuke struggles to retract his arm... but he finally manages to get it out as well as what looks like a sand tentacle or something similar *I have no other way to describe it... an arm?* along with his own. Sasuke gains freedom from the sand arm, while Kankuro and Temari are incredibly shocked that "that" has been released, and everyone is confused on what it actually is. Sasuke sits there stunned at what he had just seen and what he then sees when the sand arm is retracted... the sand dome, however, then dissolves leaving Gaara clutching his shoulder which is actually bleeding. Sasuke remains in confusion at what he had just seen, but then feathers begin to fall upon the stadium and people are put to sleep, except the few who realizes and counteracted upon in. Hokage questioned Kazekage who replies with an explosion and catches everyone's surprise once again. All of a sudden, a three headed snake appears over the area... and thus starts the war.

the war
First off, everything is like.. going at once. Chaos, Chaos.. and then everything settles down. I won't explain what happens while Ochi-sama fight and Hokage, as I've been including like everyone in these explanations. Quickly, Hokage summons the god of death to kill Ochi-sama, but it doesn't work and only ochi's arms are like .. broken and hokage dies. there.. onward
Baki and the other two siblings get to the area, stepping before Sasuke, who is now incredibly confused. *please note.. these might be bad because I can't really read French... so, bear with me* Temari looks incredibly worried as she yells at Baki. Baki explains that they have to test the transformation and the two siblings yell something in response *o.O? probably that Gaara can't take it? he needs rest?* Baki gives in and tells them to go to the woods, for Gaara to rest for a little while. Kankuro, holding Gaara, and Temari leap put of the stadium, leaving Sasuke more confused *haha* He asks what's going on, as the Ref and Baki yell at each other and the only thing that the Ref can say is that all the ninjas in the village now must defend Konoha. As more argument ensues, Sasuke leaps away and starts to follow the three Sand genin. Above, Kakashi tells Sakura to awaken Naruto and Shikamaru and go after Sasuke who is going after the sand nin. After Kakashi summons Pakkun *a smart little dog nin*, Sakura does as told and the three of them leave, followed by Shino who also wasn't affected by the feathers. Along the way, the little dog explains that the chuunin exam was just a ploy for the Sand nin and Sound, under Ochi-sama, to start a war and massacre the Leaf nin. Sakura looks surprised, well as everyone else, and Shikamaru explains... something and then says they aren't in good numbers as they only have him, who relies on intelligence, an idiot (Naruto), someone without any special abilities (Sakura) and a dog. All of them look rather pissed at him, but he explains they need a diversion so someone can stop Sasuke trying to stop Gaara and Gaara as well. He volunteers himself, and tells the others to continue and good luck. Okay basically with him, he faces a lot of shinobi but Asami like saves him.. okay, done.
*flips through book* aa, finally after a long time with the Hokage and Ochi-sama... we get back to Gaara. As the three are rushing through the forest, Temari and Kankuro suddenly realize something.. look up and notices Sasuke is in front of them and also blocking the from further advancements. Sasuke says they won't get past him.. and then back to Naruto, the dog says the group stopped so they aren't too far from the others. Kankuro takes of Karasu and demands a fight, so they can beat Sasuke then go... but Shino *remembers? he came too* is also there and says he'll fight Kankuro instead *since Kankuro forfeited their match in the exam* Kankuro and shino begin their fight in a different area of the forest, and Gaara begins to wake up from going unconscious sometime back there. Temari asks if he's okay, and he begins to have spasms once more, this time a bit more violent. Temari voices her concern, thinking the dome thing wore him out, and tries to get closer to him, but he retaliates and flings her into a nearby tree. Gaara glares at Sasuke then has another spasm. Sasuke remembers the dome thing, and Temari, bleeding a bit, wonders about Sasuke and also about Kankuro. Sasuke has a flashback of the conversation he and Gaara had while training *can't.. read it x.x* and thinks to himself... meanwhile.. Gaara looks like he's cracking *I think its veins.. but it looks like cracking* on the right side of his body. He falls to the ground, hugging his stomach as one of his eyes turns yellow and "demon-ish" as well as that arm/tentacle thing takes over his right arm. Both Temari and Sasuke gives signs of shock, Sasuke with an added confusion. Shuukaku has now taken over half of Gaara'a body, and no won't stop there, as Sasuke looks on trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Then it goes back to Shino and Kankuro, Shino wins. Easy.
Sasuke looks into the yellow, demon eye on Gaara's right side and starts to quiver, remembering seeing it through the dome while he fought him the first time. Sasuke has barely any time to react as Gaara lounges at him in full attack, he dodges however and hides behind a tree... Sasuke flashbacks again to the conversation which is more about how Gaara wants him to see something, or might not be able to see it because he's going to kill him (Sasuke)... Sasuke flashbacks through the flashback about Itachi... and then end of flashback. Gaara asks him why he's hiding, and where he is.. Sasuke gets up and charges a lightening attack (I think its the Chidori) and says he can't die now.. that the has to kill Itachi. The two of them, Gaara and Sasuke, fly at one another with their attacks... and do the usual "fly through one another, who won? you'll see in a sec" thing. It looks as though Sasuke won that bit, but Gaara turns around and laughs at Sasuke's attempt. Temari looks on, as Sasuke plots, she shakes in fear.. thinking nothing can work against him and how evil he feels.. she's afraid of what her brother is becoming. Gaara then spouts a tail (and an ear.. he has an animal like ear now xD) and then again advances on Sasuke. He like.. extends the sand to different trees as he missed, and Sasuke tries his fire jutsu, which works to some extent that he got past Gaara.. then remembers how Kakashi said he can only use the Chidori/Raiki 3 times or it could kill him (and also to not rely on the curse seal). Seeing no other way, Sasuke charges it up again and apologizes to his brother for not being able to defeat him.. and goes at Gaara *Another both fly at each other thing* It worked, kinda but the curse seal takes over half of Sasuke's body. Gaara turns ready to strike Sasuke, but low and behold *as well.. welcome to the best battle!* Naruto appears and kicks Gaara.
Sakura says she'll take care of Sasuke and realizes the curse seal is out *okay.. this is where Sasuke remembers Kakashi telling him not to rely on the curse seal* ... but then Naruto asks what the hell that thing is *pointing to Gaara* .. Pakkun says its Gaara in almost demon form. Naruto glares at Gaara, Sasuke tells him to stop, as the seal continues to take over. Flashbacks of Gaara's words about his existence... and then Gaara lunges at Sasuke once more but Sakura takes a kunai and stands her ground to protect him. He flashbacks about Yashumaru, and instead of killing her.. he sends her into a tree with sand blocking her from falling and yadda. Naruto is pissed, Temari is surprised he didn't kill her... and Gaara has head fits about Gai and Sakura.. standing up to him. He then flashbacks to his childhood, when no child would come near him... even after he retrieved their ball for them. How the sand attacked them, and Yashumaru stood to protect the other children. How he held the knife to his skin but he couldn't draw blood, and asking Yashumaru about Pain. The explanation, and how Gaara's heart ached. How he tried to aid the child but was turned away in such harsh way. And then the worst part, how another assassination attempt was brought upon by the only person he cared for. How he learned the truth to his name and that his mother died bitterly, hating him and cursing the village.. and that he was not meant to love or care.. but to kill... and how he gave himself the symbol upon his forehead. End flashback.. and Gaara finishes his story... Naruto glares and says he will now fight Gaara *and basically prove that love is powerful* He looks at Sasuke, realizing he can't fight.. and that Sakura needs to be saved. He attempts his summoning jutsu and gets an actual frog this time, but it turns out to be a little frog and the two argue. Gaara looks on in a not to happy way, and the demon look has taken over his whole head now...
Gaara looks on at Naruto, releasing Sakura, but not without a binding of sand that pins her to the tree. He's now ready to fight the hero.. he sends an attack out at Naruto, who picks up the frog to dodge *sunashu riken* but.. doesn't avoid the attack and gets hit into a tree. Temari notices that the transformation is almost complete and Naruto flashbacks himself. Thinking of how he was such an outcast because of the Kyuubi inside him... how no one loved him or accepted him. How he hated them all.... until finding out why and until he found Iruka accepted him for being Naruto and not the Kyuubi. How he made friends with Sakura and Sasuke, and Kakashi cared for him too *he brought him veggies and fruit* and how these people brought him out of the hell of loneliness. He thinks how similar he and Gaara are, practically mirror images.. both vessels... but the mirror shattered as they both found different paths to follow. Naruto found acceptance and love and Gaara didn't and it filled him with rage the end need to kill... and Naruto needed to show him that.. needed to defeat him *and the power of looooooove*
Naruto tries the kage bushin and flies at Gaara, who only counters with his wind attack.. more attacks come Naruto's way... right and left and Naruto seems powerless to stop them. Naruto, however, get up... proclaiming that he can't die there. He gets up and actually has a plan now. He rolls an Ofuda around a kunai and kage bushins... then *tries* the 1000 years of pain on Gaara *haha.. doesn't work* but.. remember the ofuda? Yeah, boom. Half of Shuukaku is slipping off of Gaara, and Naruto is knocked into a tree but Sasuke manages to get between Naruto and the tree. Sasuke tells Naruto to rescue Sakura, that he would die to save important friends... Naruto is shocked by this... and recalls Haku's words and how he would die to save a precious person.. and Naruto thus remembered everyone he thinks as precious and calls back Sasuke, that its his fight... and that Sasuke is to rescue Sakura. Naruto smirks and calls upon more chakra from the Kyuubi.. and then a hell of a lot of kage bushin, leaving Sasuke uber shocked *which he like remains the whole time.. its great! take that sasuke lovers* This is an awesome scene for Naruto as all the bushin go in and attack at once, nearly peeling all of the sand off of Gaara and totally kicking hi ass *sad I know.. but its really cool.. don't worry.. this hasn't turned into a Naruto site* Gaara, upon finding the ground has the look that shows no more fooling and he charges up some *Temari = shockshockshock* Dust, cloud, smoke... it settles and we have Shukaku himself, standing high above the trees with a little Gaara attached to his head. Okay, everyone is shocked now and Gaara started to enclose Naruto in sand... to aid and get himself out of this mess, Naruto summons Gama-sama *Sasuke=shockshockshock* Gama-sama doesn't seem to want to fight, must to Naruto's dismay but the little frog Naruto summoned awhile ago asks his dad to help Naruto... Gama-sama agrees and brings out his huge katana. He then springs forth and slashes at Shuukaku and only takes a small chunk out of him and both land to the floor. Naruto says he has to save Sakura... and then Gaara pops out of Shuukaku's head thanking him for the entertainment. He then shows a seal *insert Temaris's worry* and induces a fake sleep upon himself to give Shuukaku more power and control. Through that, Shuukaku sends out the Renkuudan.. with Gama-sama's counter of water. Naruto asks how they're going to stop the Tanuki, Gama-sama replies that they have to wake Gaara up... and that they'll have to henge to do so. Gama-sama asks Naruto to think of something with sharp teeth and claws... and guess what he thinks of... a kistune *tadaaaaa*, and sasuke shock* Naruto gets out of the henge and punches Gaara awake. Gaara is incredibly pissed at him being awake and Shuukaku is pissed for losing power. Naruto takes a wrong turn and gets himself stuck in Shuukaku, but is saved by Gama-sama's tongue (gaara : "don't lick mee!" xD), where he know has to think of a way of defeating Gaara. He begs for the Kyuubi to give him just a bit more Chakra to save everything, its granted and Naruto glows with Chakra and rushes at Gaara and head butts him *btw, Naruto's head guard came off earlier* which causes Shuukaku to totally dissolve. Both the boys fall to the ground, and Gama-sama disappears *his sword is still there though* Both heaving and near end of chakra.. Naruto says they should make it the end, this last blow to decide it. Everything goes to Hokage dying in the next part... but at the end of it.. you see Naruto get the punch in. Then, Gaara flies one way and Naruto the other both are at their limit and can't really move. Gaara's confused how he could have lost, he was so powerful.. then to Temari looking around and spotting Kankuro still alive *I'm still not sure how that happened, I thought he died..* Sakura then falls from the tree, Sasuke to catch her and he places her on a tree branch. Then back to Gaara and Naruto, who is wiggling over to a confused sand boy. He screams that he won't end there.. his existence won't be put out. Naruto thinks to himself, that he has to take him out.. and ponders his existence and why he's there himself... Gaara screams for him to not come any closer.. but to his surprise Naruto does stop. Naruto stops, and sobbing, explains that he feels Gaara's pain, the pain of being alone in the world... but he will protect his precious people.. and if Gaara tries to kill them that Naruto will stop him. Then Gaara realizes, that Naruto wasn't fighting for his sake, but for the sake of others... because these people rescued Naruto from the hell of being alone. And now, Gaara understand... love made Naruto so strong. Sasuke finally comes to him and tells Naruto to stop, that Sakura is safe. Then, Temari and Kankuro appear. Gaara tells them is over and ponders Naruto *are you a maelstrom, Naruto?* and Kankuro is surprised to see Gaara exhausted and then lifts him over his shoulder. Sasuke looks down and see Naruto has fainted... and then the three sand nin jump out of sight... as they leave Gaara says he's sorry to them *them=shockshockshock* and Kankuro replies that its nothing *as a response.. he doesn't think its nothing..* and Gaara faints...

and that's the last we hear from Gaara....

*and now doragon collapses from writing this all. * sorry if its crap... I've been working on this like.. the whole day. You can also tell I got tired, as so many words repeat and my vocabulary down-graded to that of a 6 year old *surprise everywhere.. look surprise there and there* I'll edit it later on, when I have the nerve to do so. Thank you for reading! I can't believe you have, kudos to you! haha *dies now*