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Before the manga started, like the story, there was a hidden sand priest known as Shukaku, also as the incarnation of sand, who was sealed into a tea kettle. Also around this time, the Hidden Sand village saw their military force slipping... they needed to 'make' better shinobi or who knows what could happen. Kazekage decided to go on and turn his unborn son into a little project. Kazekage possessed Gaara upon his birth, with the incarnation of sand using his ninjutsu (hyoui no jutsu). This process ultimately killed Gaara's mother, who died cursing the village for her sacrifice, she was apparently his nourishment and that's all... no love, no caring... just food. Before being swallowed by the sand, she named the child Gaara, meaning 'the demon who loves only himself,' in hopes that he would carry on her grudge against those who caused her death as well as the rest of the world. As an addition, her so called 'love' and will for him, as well as most likely her whole body, remained in the sand... as more protection (aha, like Harry Potter! xD).
As he grew, he was spoiled by his father and others, and pretty much raised by his uncle Yashumaru, twin to Gaara's mother. As a young child he believed that this spoiling and freedom was love but as he grew, so did his power and the ninja community began to realize that he was now becoming a threat... so there were many assassination attempts, but the sand always stopped them. When Gaara reached the age of six, however, a few course of events lead him to finally snap and accept things about him. He had been trying to get the children of his village to accept him, as Naruto did, but unfortunately they would run away. He tried to aid them, using his sand to get their ball back, but again they ran. As he reached out for them, so did the sand, and it attacked some of the children. Luckily, Yashumaru was there to stop some of the attacks, but he also was injured by the sand. Back home, Gaara stared at the picture of his mother, who looked exactly like his uncle... he was also holding a knife in his hand. He raised the knife, hoping for it to cut him, but the sand blocked the knife. He tried to dig it deeper, but Yashumaru appeared and stopped his attempt. He demanded to know what Gaara was doing, Gaara looked up and asked him what pain was; as Gaara had never experienced it. After the shock of the question, Yashumaru replied that it wasn't good... and there were two times; physical and emotional. Gaara then replied that he felt emotional pain, that his insides hurt... and Yashumaru looked down at him with sympathy but then replied that he would make up for some of it by taking medicine to one of the children he hurt. Gaara smiled and went on his way, but only to be denied by the boy and the door slamming on his face. He walked through the streets in dismay, and killed a villager who shouted at him, only to be glared at by his father. On a ledge looking over the city, Gaara sat in solitude, he couldn't sleep obviously since the demon grew powerful as Gaara slept... so he watched in a sullen mood. But then, another assassination attempt, but blocked by the sand as usual, as well as crushed the attempter. But to Gaara's dismay, this was performed by Yashumaru who secretly hated Gaara for taking his sister away from him. As his uncle lay dying, he found the truth; of his mother's bitterness and his true purpose. There not to love or believe others, but to pretty much kill. Yashumaru asked for Gaara's death, detonated a bomb and blew himself up hoping for Gaara to be taken in the blast but he remained... stunned a bit then coming to conclusions. So at the age of six, he found his answers... he wasn't there to love, to believe in others, he wasn't going to any longer. He was there to kill, to ruin lives and to be an assassin... that was his whole existence. With that, he used his sand to create the 'ai' symbol on his head... and to my beliefs that was the first time he bled.


So we bring ourselves now. Gaara was now pretty much insane, and a happy killing freak. There were probably more assassination attempts put on his life, but somehow he raised to what we know of today.. and is actually used as what he was made to do. You see, he's not in the Leaf Village to go to the next level in Ninja ranks, he's there with his siblings to start a war. The hidden sound village and the hidden sand village saw the hidden leaf village as a threat... and they needed to stop it, and what better way then with a war, ne? This was also pretty much set up by Orochimaru, by the way... since he wants Sasuke so badly for his damned little 'eternal life' crap.

Now, however, because of the battle with Uzumaki Naruto, Gaara seems to have a different outlook on life. He has come to the realization that one must protect important people and cherish them, even if they fight for a wrong cause. He holds himself, kinda, in Naruto's debt and is working with the Konoha shinobi to bring Orochimaru and the Oto-nin down.


I figured I should just put it here. Notice Gaara's eyes? Its because he lacks sleep... the demon holds greater power when Gaara is asleep, so.. he doesn't really sleep. hence, the name of this site. Also, Gaara's final transformed form is actually a Tanuki, some sort of Japanese raccoon. And according to many Japanese legends, the kitsune and tanuki have always seemed to try to best each other..