name : gaara (of the sand/desert)
age : arc one 12 // arc two 15-16
birthday : january 19th
height : 146.1 cm
weight : 39 grams
bloodtype : AB
birthplace : hidden sand village
country : wind
ninja rank : arc one genin // arc two godaime kazekage
family : Temari (older sister), Kankuro (older brother), Karura (mother, deceased), Yondaime Kazekage (father, deceased), Yashumaru (uncle, deceased)
abilities : all deal with sand (see techniques)
first appearence : volume 4, chapter 8 (#35 overall)
mission results : ?? D Missions, 8 C Missions, 1 B Mission, 0 A Missions, 0 S Missions. And he's returned from all of them unharmed.

look: Gaara's hair has honestly been a number of colors, ranging from a common brown to a deeper mahogany brown to then reds - Kishimoto, make up your mind xD while his eyes have remained aquamarine. Upon the left side of his forehead, as has been since he was six, is the kanji of 'ai' for love. Most are convinced it's a tattoo, though I'm beginning to think it's actually a scar.

-first outfit: He wears a deep brown/black shirt and pants, the same hue/value/intensity. The pants are rather Capri like, and bunch at the end with a cuff. The cuffs are met with bandages that cover underneath both his legs and finish into his ninja sandals of the same color. Crossing from the right is a long a sash that circles his shoulder twice then dangles in the back of him, I've seen it both red and deep green. On the other shoulder is a leather holster that holds the sand gourd upon his back, there are three smaller straps that cross the right side to keep it stationed. His head protector, of course with the sand symbol and deep burgundy sash, is on the lower half of the leather strap. Completing his outfit is his total sand gourd, that's on his back and has its own deep red sash around the connection of the two halves... and has "EE" stamps on it.
-second outfit: His second outfit isn't much different than his first, in terms of total design. He still retains the sash idea and puffed pants, along with the leather strap. This time, however, his outfit is totally red and instead of a red sash he has white. His shirt is actually button down, siding to the left, and is quarter sleeved. He also wears netting under his outfit and this netting reaches down into his shoes.
-third outfit: Besides having the common deep blue Kazekage robes for official business, Gaara isn't one to just reuse a previous outfit. He's Kazekage, for pete's sake, he needs a cool battle outfit - even if.. it's... red again. His new outfit is deemed through many people as 'channeling-Neo' [or maybe just me, but I swear it is] with a long sleeved coat that has a slit in the back and opens to the side. Instead of the previous adorned puffy pants look, he has regular, almost baggy, pants and as stated before this whole outfit is a deep red. Instead of leather and cloth sashes, Gaara this time picks up a interesting vest number that buckles twice in the middle and is a light grey-ish color tinged with purple. Two belts cross his midsection as well as a belt around his right thigh, two around the calf and all the same color as the vest.