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STATUS: closed!
slow going and trying to catch up! Sorry for the delays.

Thank you in showing in interest in commissions by me; you might know me either chirigami or Kimberly and either which way it's lovely to see you! Hopefully you find my prices reasonable and things make sense and you allow me to draw some fun stuff of yours 8D!

One hurdle down, my credit card is paid off but now its time to save for a new car. So, All my cash flow from my job now goes for that fund while another is saving up for a cintiq - though, my RC job ended recently so, uh. So, extra cash is always handy and hey, I like drawing stuff for people and getting paid to do it isn't too shabby.
I can range from many styles, but simplicity is always what works best with my art so that's where I will usually gear towards. But yes, I can do detail oriented so don't be afraid to ask, it just might take me longer. I do have a bachelors in art, so I'd like to think I can do just about anything if I give it a try. Most of my work will be digital, but if you would like me work with classic pen and paper then please don't hesitate to ask; and we can work out a way to sending you the piece of you feel so inclined to have it.

. I have the right to deny, refuse and just say no. Some stuff just might not fit into my comfort zone.
. You need paypal.
. Payment needs to be submitted up front. Sorry, in the past I've asked for it after but it got harder to figure out who paid me and it will also get art to you sooner since you actually gave me money for it. HOWEVER, if what you've requested is a full detailed full body drawing with bells and whistles, then you can pay me after the initial sketches.
. No refunds. Sorry. If you are unsatisfied, I will try to do what I can to fix it though.
. One piece per slot. You can ask for as many slots as I have available however. But, please be fair and let others have a go?
. I will not have a waitlist, if I actually... manage to get a lot of people. Looking at a waitlist will make me sad, so I would rather have a cut off and have you try again later.
. I will generally have 10 slots; for puffs, chibi, sketches and my personal style. And up to 3 for full blown pieces. When they are cleared, more will open.
. I have no priority list. I work as I get inspired.
. Sadly, I can be very slow. I have a full time job working for a Robotic Chicken, so weekends are my only days off now ^_^;
. If you're actually looking to do something more in the realm of freelance and not just simple commissions. Please don't hesitate to email me just the same, just explain its a freelance idea rather than a commission and we'll talk.
. Also, if you're looking into commissioning me to actually make you something, as I do sew and craft, also please don't hesitate to email me and we'll discuss it.
. UM. Thing I won't do: hardcore nudity, bondage, art of sexual nature [aka, porn], templates
. Things I can't do: things that require crazy amounts of perspective because I suck at perspective but I'll try to fake it if need be.
. Things I suck at but will be willing to do anyways: animals, machines, gore, backgrounds, guns, pda, again.. perspective, animation, realism
. Things I will totally do: original characters, fan art, props, design, and just about anything I didn't list above.
. Know that what you write as a description might come off as a challenge and I will try to accept it because I'm stupid like that.

PUFFS - $10
though I generally hate charging for these, these tend to prove popular. Fully digital, unless you ask otherwise, and generally cell shaded. I can do soft shading by request. They are usually also 500x pixels with 200 resolution, since I try to make them Gaia!sig safe. If you want something larger, please ask. Additional characters and simple backgrounds are $5 extra per. Also be aware that puffs can be limited with poses, since they are very simple body shapes.

more examples of puffs can be found: here

CHIBI - $10
my chibi of chibi styles, simple as that. Fully digital, unless asked otherwise and generally cell shaded with soft shading on request. Will be high resolution and as large as I can do if you want. Tend to be very simple. Additional characters and simple backgrounds are $5 extra per.

These can be pretty much any style and sadly sometimes rather messy at times, especially the pen doodles. Please don't expect totally clean lines. May be digital but most likely a high quality scan as I sketch better on physical paper. Additional characters are $5 per. And yes, sometimes you might get more than one sketch or even color but I won't charge you extra for something I do on my own.

PERSONAL STYLE - $15 and up
Its an evolution of the chibi style, but with more flair but what I've found myself drawing more in. Not a lot of clean examples, sorry. Prices will go up depending on complexity. Will most likely be digital, or a mix of traditional and digital or can be totally traditional, just ask me and high quality. Additional characters are $7 per as well as simple backgrounds. Complex backgrounds or scenes will need to be discussed but will generally still start at the standard $15.

Simple styles. Katamari, Foster's, Flapjack, Adventure time, Bryan O'Malley, Mary Blair, just to name a few as an example. Prices will go up depending on complexity. Fully digital, very simple pieces. Additional characters are $5 per as well as simple backgrounds. Consider it more for scenes and stuff.

FULL SCALE BELLS AND WHISTLES - email me, basically a bribe only
This section ranges from my more anime style, very detailed, maybe realistic stuff but just the stuff that can take me a while. I can also mimic styles here as well, as I have pieces very inspired by Kubo Tite or even Iain McCraig to name a few. Prices will vary, depending on detail and specifications. This can include scenes, basic character art or even character designs and model sheets. Backgrounds and additional characters obviously make the prices go up. I will only do a limited number of these, if these are even requested, since I have no done anything fully realized in a long while.

CRAFTY THINGS - email me
Want something made actually and not just drawn? I have 14 years of sewing experience under my belt and would like to say I know a few things. Right now, I will not be doing full commissions but more along the line of accessories and simple craft like items - beanies, bags, plush and maybe embellishing of shirts. Props can be discussed as well.
examples coming soon as I collect them.

additional examples of my work can also be seen by just clicking 'art' at the top!

So, you've read most of my ramblings so far. Looked at the rules, looked at some basic information. Good. So, how will this work in getting some art from me. Honestly, all you have to do is email me initially and ask for a slot with information. What kind of information? This kind of information:

. name or gaiaonline name is applicable:
. what kind of art you're requesting: [sketch, puff, chibi, full body, ect.]
. description!: [please be as detailed as you can be or shove a lot of reference at me, reference is godly. Also give me a snippet of personality, so I don't make your always happy character look depressed]

easy, right? If I have slots open, and things look all right, I'll let you know and you can send me payment! If what you are requesting needs additional look over, or that payment needs to be discussed then we'll talk about it.

please put in the subject line "commissions"

THANK YOU FOR LOOKING! And have an awesome day.

1. ithiltari[x3]*
2. llk [pair]*
3. bunni [group]*
4. Sy [x2]*
5. Orangeish [x2]*

* = paid

all images, characters, creations and whatnot are (c) Kimberly Stokely unless stated otherwise.
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