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Hello, you've stumbled upon the online portfolio and website collective of Kimberly Stokely; illustrator, nerd and your soon to be world conqueror. Enjoy your stay and please don't mind the dust... there is still a lot of things being worked on.

2012.08.24 More of an update, hurray! Finally added some of the storyboards I've done, but that's about all I can add since the other stuff I've done haven't aired yet. Those will be soon. After they air. I still need to add some older stuff as well, but those will take a while; lots of boards.

2012.08.21 Don't mind me, cleaning up some stuff, adding some stuff and updating my resume! It's been a long while since I last did anything to this website so that needed to be remedied. Maybe at some point I'll even post on my blogspot and my DA, wouldn't that be wonderful. I think I have a tumblr also somewhere, haha. That's as likely as updating my facebook...

all images, characters, creations and whatnot are (c) Kimberly Stokely unless stated otherwise.
Please don't steal my brain, it's the only one I've got.